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Kamwenge District WASH Masterplan 2020 – 2030

The Kamwenge District WASH Master Plan is an all-encompassing document that provides a framework for coordinating and aligning efforts of all stakeholders towards achieving universal access to WASH services in the District. It is a 10-year (2020-2030) plan which describes the broad vision, targets and strategies towards achieving the desired universal and sustainable WASH services…

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Tiger Toilet Evaluation Report

Bear Valley Ventures Ltd, through Water For People’s sanitation program in Uganda, piloted the Tiger Toilets innovation which was supported by DIV. The DIV grant came in handy to support a pilot that intended to evaluate their user and technical performance. The Tiger Toilet is a complete sanitation solution for low income families that neutralizes…

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AtWhatCost Tool: Uganda Samples

Two samples from Uganda of Water For People’s AtWhatCost tool (for water points and piped schemes). AtWhatCost allows service providers to evaluate their income and expenses, including the required operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and eventual replacement costs based on useful life and considering inflation and growth rates. This tool helps service providers set an…

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Sustainable Services Checklist Tool: Uganda Sample

A sample from Uganda of Water For People’s Sustainable Services Checklist (SSC) tool. The SSC is developed in partnership with district governments to measure the sustainability of the WASH system in a district. The SSC is customized to the context of each individual district. There are 8 indicators of sustainability within 3 categories: Service Authority:…

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