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National and Global Scale

Water For People's Impact Model

Our work does not stop once we prove our model at the local level

Proof at the local level is the starting point and foundation for reaching scale at a national and global level as shown in our Impact Model.

See how we look for ways to expand our reach and impact beyond the local district and market areas where we work.


We share lessons learned and proof that the Everyone Forever model is working widely with sector partners with the aim of replication and scale by district, sub-national, and national governments and private sector players. We use data and experience to document learnings and systematize our overall approach. We share content on various platforms including numerous sector conferences.

We also collaborate with other like-minded organizations to broaden our reach as we promote the Everyone Forever model and system-strengthening approaches and as we challenge ourselves and the sector to continually reflect and evolve.

Some example collaborations at the global level include Agenda for Change and Millennium Water Alliance. Additionally, we are involved in numerous national platforms and collaborations in each of the nine countries where we work.


Our goal is that system-strengthening approaches are taken up in additional districts, markets, and countries where Water For People does not work, driven by advocacy of current partners and local demand by other (often neighboring) districts, markets, and countries. We look for ways to expand our reach and impact beyond the local district and market areas where we work. We offer consultancy services, we support replication efforts in other districts or market areas, and we work directly with governments at the sub-national and national levels.

Examples of our work that build from success at the local level to reach a sub-national or national level


Working with the Department of Cochabamba to support multiple municipalities with a package of support to establish district WASH offices.


Providing technical advice to regional governments as they strengthen municipal authorities to plan and manage effective services.


Supporting sub-national technical advisory units with the responsibility for
developing district WASH team capacity.


Strengthening a collaboration of NGO partners working to develop a consistent approach to district planning and serve as a model for Malawi.


Motivating and supporting microfinance institutions in proving sanitation
loans in municipalities and departments across Nicaragua.

At the national level, we also work directly with governments to strengthen the WASH system, focusing on long-term, holistic approaches to support sustainable service delivery and strengthen local institutions and capacity to deliver. Our goal is to ensure that government provides leadership as service authority and that we develop a strong network of public, civil society, and private actors, capable of providing effective service delivery.

We work with the relevant national ministries to develop national WASH system-strengthening frameworks (using an analysis of the building blocks which underpin the system), regulatory policy, and investment plans which will enable the country to achieve SDG 6 by 2030. Through collaboration with organizations in Agenda for Change and other sector partners, we are supporting the adoption of system-strengthening activities in an additional 23 countries. We participate in coalitions to promote a system-strengthening approach at the national level and provide technical assistance to build capacity of professionals at national and regional levels to adopt our tools and methodologies for collective impact.

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