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our model: everyone forever

Everyone Forever
Water For People’s WASH system-strengthening model

Since 2011, Water For People has implemented the Everyone Forever model in nine countries. We pivoted from working on a discrete project-by-project basis in 40+ countries to taking on the challenge of establishing sustainable services in entire districts.

The Everyone Forever model is a system-strengthening approach to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), implemented at the district level with strategic influence to scale nationally. It predates but aligns with and reinforces the more recent Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 and Sanitation and Water for All’s Collaborative Behaviors.


Everyone means that every community, family, school, and clinic in the districts where we work has access to safe and reliable WASH services.


To ensure these services are sustainable, Forever means that the institutions, built on strong government partnership and co-financing from the start, are in place for services to continue without Water For People’s continued direct support.

We currently work in more than 35 districts and aim to reach 4 million people with reliable water services by 2021. In 2018, Water For People proved Everyone Forever is possible by achieving all Everyone and Forever milestones for water, for the first time ever, in San Pedro, Bolivia. Now we are no longer actively participating or investing in water service delivery and are preparing to exit. Additionally, individual milestones have been achieved in nearly half of the districts where we work, showing steady progress toward Everyone Forever.

We aim to reach the same 4 million people with basic sanitation services but not before 2021, as the global gap in sanitation services doubles that of water. Our goal for 2021 is to reach 2 million people with improved sanitation services, including populations in the districts where we work and other strategic market areas that are critical for achieving national scale.

The Everyone Forever model components are implemented in phases, achieving key milestones in each phase before moving to the next. While the key components of the Everyone Forever model are the same for both water and sanitation services, Water For People applies two complementary frameworks to achieve sustainable WASH services. Our Road to Everyone Forever serves as the implementation roadmap for both water and sanitation services within Everyone Forever districts. The Path to Scaling Sanitation is applied for all sanitation initiatives, regardless of whether the initiative is implemented within or outside of Everyone Forever districts.

Learn more about our milestones.


The road to Everyone Forever for water and sanitation in Everyone Forever districts.


The path to scaling sanitation within and outside of Everyone Forever districts.


Visit our Resource Library for tools, presentations, and white papers related to Everyone Forever.

The Everyone Forever model requires four forces working in concert to be successful



We spend years, not days, in communities. We work until every single person — even the hardest-to-reach, the most vulnerable, the marginalized — has access to safe, reliable water, sanitation, and hygiene services. We work with local communities from the inside out, building robust systems and training local workers so districts can operate independently — and water and sanitation services will last for generations to come.

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