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Luuka District WASH masterplan

The Luuka District WASH Master Plan reaffirms the commitment to ensuring universal access to water and sanitation services for all in the district. Luuka District in Eastern Uganda has been implementing interventions aimed at achieving the relevant targets and commitments in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus national targets. This implementation has been guided by several planning and implementation tools, albeit in a semi-structured manner that did not allow for holistic planning and adequate engagement of all stakeholders. The tools include the Ministry of Water and Environment District Implementation manual, Luuka District Development Plan (2016-2020), Luuka District Investment Plan (DIP) 2020, Asset Analysis, and the Victoria-Lumbuye Catchment Management Plan (CMP) among others. The Master Plan seeks to provide a structured planning tool to address this.
Uganda Luuka WASH Master Plan 2021

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