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pathway to scaling sanitation

scaling Sanitation Services within everyone forever districts and beyond

The graphic below and corresponding details demonstrate the path for scaling sanitation services, regardless of whether they are implemented within or outside of Everyone Forever district boundaries. This framework is applied in addition to the water and sanitation work we implement in Everyone Forever districts.

Water For People evaluates the gaps that exist in the sanitation value chain, where the market is not adequately serving a population with safe services, and identifies opportunities to develop and strengthen delivery models for products and services.

Sometimes, this means developing core services where there are none, such as facilitating the emergence and growth of pit emptying businesses to service households that have no service. As market systems develop, this more often means strengthening and improving the efficiency of core services, such as supporting an association of pit emptying businesses for the overall growth and sustainability of the services in that market.


View or download a PDF of our approach to scaling sanitation in English or Spanish


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The Shitovation Fund

An article by Tom Wildman, Senior Program Manager for Sanitation at Water For People in Water Environment Federation’s Water Environment & Technology journal.

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No Short Cuts: Reaching Scale Takes Time and Persistence

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"In the beginning, it was tough," explains Samrat Gupta, Business Opportunity Analyst with Water For People’s India Team. "We visited hundreds of households trying to sell toilets and we didn’t sell one."