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The hub for everything you want and need to know about providing sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services at scale. We're here to talk about Everyone Forever, systems change, sustainability, and real solutions to reaching Sustainable Development Goal 6 - water and sanitation for all.


Find all of our blogs in English and Español and explore the related categories to learn more about Water For People, Everyone Forever, and the extraordinary partners who support this critical work. 

District Sanitation Centers

By Sam Noheli
In December 2016, Rwanda adopted a new National Sanitation Policy to ensure expanded access to safe and sustainable sanitation services through several means, including establishing District Sanitation Centers (DSCs).2 The Policy envisions each district to have at least one DSC to reach approximately 300,000 inhabitants each. DSCs have three main functions – display, selling, and training – and focus on reaching households that do not have improved sanitation. 

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Financial Sustainability during COVID-19: Professor Ernesto’s decision to help his community

By Azucena Serrano
Las Casitas is a community of approximately 900 people, located in the municipality of San Antonio de Cortés. This community currently has a drinking water system built 17 years ago which stands out in the municipality for its administration’s fine leadership. They have always had a tariff that covers 100% of the operations and maintenance costs of the water system, and any additional income that the system does not immediately require has been converted into savings for its replacement.  

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The Ever-Evolving Gulper

By Brian Mulenga
Almost 10 years ago, the "Gulper" was first introduced in Blantyre. This is a simple hand operated pump used by pit emptiers to remove sludge from pit latrines. Little did we know that this simple piece of equipment would be a game-changer for pit emptying service provision and become an adored technology with multiple versions.  

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Water User Committees are the Key for Water Sustainability

By Vivek Sharan
The Jal Jeevan Mission objectives are aligned to Water For People’s model of water management and governance implemented through the Water User Committee (WUC). Provided technical and financial support from Water For People, WUCs are created at every water point.

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Reaching Everyone with Water and Sanitation Leaving No One Behind

By Jhonny Perez
I want to tell my story within the world of water and sanitation development in Bolivia, as a young professional wanting to gain experience.  In Water For People’s model, equity and social inclusion take precedence, leaving no one behind. 

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Development of the Market for SATO Pans in Uganda

by Cate Nimanya
Water For People has been promoting market-based sanitation in Uganda to grow the SATO Pan market. The approach is effective in urban low-income communities, and in rural areas, it is combined with other approaches like community led total sanitation to accelerate and sustain the sanitation goals in a district. 

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