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Welcome to The WASH ROOM

The hub for everything you want and need to know about providing sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services at scale. We're here to talk about Everyone Forever, systems change, sustainability, and real solutions to reaching Sustainable Development Goal 6 - water and sanitation for all.


Find all of our blogs in English and Español and explore the related categories to learn more about Water For People, Everyone Forever, and the extraordinary partners who support this critical work. 

Why Resilient WASH is Climate Action

By Grace Kanweri, Kelly Latham, Azucena Serrano
The impact that climate change has on the environment and on our daily lives is apparent.  Floods, droughts, and other unexpected weather events occur more regularly, disproportionately affecting low-income communities. On this blog, you will learn more about the role of WASH services in Climate action.

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Borehole Banks for Improved Sustainability

By Brian Mulenga

How can we improve community ownership and sustainability of rural water supply systems? In the next blog, learn how borehole banks in the district of Chikwawa are proving to be the solution to this age-old question.

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Avoiding the "S’s"  

By Carlos López Padilla
Sanitation management is often overlooked in comparison to other WASH services. On our next blog, learn about our work to achieve high-quality sustainable sanitation services in Nicaragua.

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Changing lives through changed WASH behaviors  

By Monique Uwimpuhwe
This blog presents the work of Water For People alongside the Rwanda National Program of Community Based Environmental Health Prom and their joint work to change the WASH behaviors of a community in the Rulindo District.

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Solutions for our students: A mobilization drive for a better school environment 

By Pritanu Mishra & Saurya Sekhar Pal
This story reflects government departments, teachers, parents, students, and project staff coming together to help schools to improve operation and maintenance (O&M) of School Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (SWASH) facilities. 

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The Pandemic, Serving Vulnerable People, and Resource Mobilization

By Aura Cúc Guarcas
In Guatemala, the start of the pandemic highlighted the lack of adequate sanitation systems and the difficulty in accessing safe drinking water in communities and public institutions in rural areas. Amidst this crisis, Water For People had to rethink new strategies to reach vulnerable populations. Learn more about their experience and how they faced this scenario.

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