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Welcome to The WASH ROOM

The hub for everything you want and need to know about providing sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services at scale. We're here to talk about Everyone Forever, systems change, sustainability, and real solutions to reaching Sustainable Development Goal 6 - water and sanitation for all.


Find all of our blogs in English and Español and explore the related categories to learn more about Water For People, Everyone Forever, and the extraordinary partners who support this critical work. 

Stakeholders! Who are they and what do they want?

By Yvonne Lugalli
Conducting a stakeholder analysis for a WASH project includes very specific steps, however, while the process may seem standard, there is more to consider than what theory dictates. In this blog, Yvonne Lugali will share her experience in managing stakeholders in WASH projects to ensure a successful outcome for everyone.

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Hat Trick in Peru – WASH System Strengthening in Action

By Mark Duey
Mark Duey, Co-CEO of Water For People, shares the achievements and challenges faced in the process of achieving systems strengthening in Peru at three different levels.

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From 51 to 1: Criteria for Expanding into a New Country

By Samson Hailu
Samson Bekele, the co-CEO of Water For People, shares his vision for Water For People, as he tells us how he created the criteria to select our new partner country in Africa.

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From Adversity to Resilience… Spirit-Powered Solutions for Children’s Smiles!  

By Nora Herrera
Toilets are a vital part of the learning environment in schools. Meet Julia and other students in Quiché, Guatemala, and get to know how Water For People’s participation achieved a safer, more inclusive and sustainable learning experience for them.

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Why Resilient WASH is Climate Action

By Grace Kanweri, Kelly Latham, Azucena Serrano
The impact that climate change has on the environment and on our daily lives is apparent.  Floods, droughts, and other unexpected weather events occur more regularly, disproportionately affecting low-income communities. On this blog, you will learn more about the role of WASH services in Climate action.

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Borehole Banks for Improved Sustainability

By Brian Mulenga

How can we improve community ownership and sustainability of rural water supply systems? In the next blog, learn how borehole banks in the district of Chikwawa are proving to be the solution to this age-old question.

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