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Welcome to The WASH ROOM

The hub for everything you want and need to know about providing sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services at scale. We're here to talk about Everyone Forever, systems change, sustainability, and real solutions to reaching Sustainable Development Goal 6 - water and sanitation for all.


Find all of our blogs in English and Español and explore the related categories to learn more about Water For People, Everyone Forever, and the extraordinary partners who support this critical work. 

Strengthening WASH systems in Rwanda

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Bruce Uwonkunda, Water For People Rwanda’s WASH Sustainability Manager about strengthening WASH systems in Rwanda.

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Measuring Sustainability: Mapping Water For People’s Sustainable Services Checklist to the System-Strengthening Building Blocks

By Laura Burns
The Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector has been shifting its focus from piecemeal, project-based approaches to a system-strengthening approach, recognizing the importance of consolidating the entire enabling environment for WASH services.

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Strengthening WASH systems in the time of COVID-19

A blog post from Agenda for Change. During a recent Steering Committee meeting, Agenda for Change members, including Water For People, shared how they are responding to COVID-19.

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Strengthening WASH systems in Guatemala

A blog post from Agenda for Change. HELVETAS and other NGOs (Water For People, CARE, etc.) are part of a national water and sanitation advocacy network called RASGUA (Red de Agua Potable y Saneamiento de Guatemala).

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Strengthening WASH systems in Malawi

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Kate Harawa, Water For People Malawi’s Director of Influence and Scale about strengthening WASH systems in Malawi.

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Setting the stage for a water investment plan in Nalolo district, Zambia

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Laura Burns, Water For People’s Senior Manager of WASH Financing and Sustainability. Water For People is assisting Village Water Zambia to introduce a water investment planning process in Nalolo district.

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Our values at Water For People are based on demonstrating integrity in all we do. By sharing our resources, lessons learned, and methodologies, we aim to embody these values and support others in scaling the Everyone Forever model across the world. 


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