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Professionalizing the Management of Malawi’s Rural Water Supply Services – Situation Analysis and Proposed Management Models

This situation analysis for rural and market centres water supply systems proposes the professionalised management models for improving functionality, operation and maintenance of rural and market centres water facilities, which for a long time have been hindering the achievement of the WASH Sector goals in Malawi. This document provides an understanding of the current situation and proposes two management models for rural and market centres water supply systems that are based on existing arrangements and initiatives in Malawi and can improve the sustainability of the water infrastructure.

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Improving Functionality of Rural Community Water Points Through Service Contracts

Water For People’s support of Area Pump Mechanics and preventive maintenance service contracts in Chiradzulu District, Malawi, has created a platform for continued monitoring of the functionality of handpumps by the District Water Office. Through the routine visits and routine preventive maintenance conducted the APM provides monthly reports for the condition and status of all…

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Factors Influencing the Awareness and Adoption of Borehole-Garden Permaculture in Malawi: Lessons for the Promotion of Sustainable Practices

By analyzing a dataset of over 100,000 cases, this research examines the awareness and adoption of BGP across Malawi. Generalised linear models identified significant variables influencing BGP awareness and uptake revealing that socioeconomic, biophysical and waterpoint-specific variables influenced both the awareness and adoption of BGP. You can also see this article here.

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Everyone Forever in Peri-Urban Blantyre

A case study from the Water For People team in Malawi on how we implement the Everyone Forever model in low-income areas of peri-urban Blantyre, focusing on the Water Users Associations and includes Level of Service data.

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