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Africa Water Resources Management Experience

During the WATERAID East African Program conference on Climate Resilient WASH Convention, held in Kigali from March 25-27th 2020, Water for People presented the following three posters: 1. BUILDING CLIMATE CHANGE RESILIENT WASH STRUCTURES: A case of Chikwawa District in Malawi 2. WETLAND RESTORATION AS PART OF AN IWRM APPROACH TO ENSURING SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY OF…

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Local Leaders Championing Forever

A blog about the Water For People’s support of service authorities, one of the keys to sustainability. Local Leaders Championing Forever | Water For People

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Groundwater Assessment in Chikwawa

The Water For People Malawi team’s summary of Northwater’s report assessing the groundwater in Chikwawa to understand both local and regional water resources, identify the causes of unsuccessful drilling attempts, present potential solutions, and guide next steps.

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Getting Politics Right in Blantyre

A presentation from the IRC All Systems Go Symposium highlighting Water For People’s work curbing political interference to establish Water Users Association in a Low Income Area in Blantyre and improve governance and water service in Blantyre, Malawi.

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