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Digital Platform for Capacity Building Initiatives – Participatory Digital Attestation (PDA)

With the objective of capacity building at scale for system strengthening, a digital platform has been introduced in Birbhum by Water For People India in partnership with our technical partner ‘SOCION’. The platform is a tool to provide digital solutions for the service providers and increases overall governance and participation. The platform was applied in discussion and collaboration with District administration. In this platform, 1,297 frontline workers, 19 Block level master trainers, and 19 Block level data managers have been identified and capacitated using PDA. Also, 8 digital contents have been developed and uploaded. The platform reflects verifiable and real-time data on who was trained, on what, where, and what is happening after the training. Village Profiling for VAP was captured using the platform, reflecting the status of water supply and sanitation in HHs and PIs. The data is reflected in the Power PI Dashboard linked to the PDA Platform. The data have been shared with respective blocks and the district. Data from 1,661 villages, 374,990 Households, and 4,045 Public Institutions have been captured and shared.


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