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Explore these WASH Room blog posts written by Water For People team members and partners.

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Medición de la sostenibilidad

By Laura Burns
Medición de la sostenibilidad: Mapeando la Lista de Verificación de Servicios Sostenibles a los elementos fundamentales para el fortalecimiento del sistema

Bolivia05_Arani_Capellania_20170906 (61 of 106)
Measuring Sustainability

By Laura Burns
Measuring Sustainability: Mapping Water For People’s Sustainable Services Checklist to the System-Strengthening Building Blocks

Tiraque, el municipio boliviano que la pandemia encontró preparado

Un blog publicado por el BID escirto por Julia Montes, Oficial Social de Programas y Proyectos en Bolivia, obre la respuesta a COVID-19 en el municipio de Tiraque.

Strengthening WASH systems in the time of COVID-19

A blog post from Agenda for Change. During a recent Steering Committee meeting, Agenda for Change members, including Water For People, shared how they are responding to COVID-19.

Strengthening WASH systems in Guatemala

A blog post from Agenda for Change. HELVETAS and other NGOs (Water For People, CARE, etc.) are part of a national water and sanitation advocacy network called RASGUA (Red de Agua Potable y Saneamiento de Guatemala).

Strengthening WASH systems in Malawi

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Kate Harawa, Water For People Malawi’s Director of Influence and Scale about strengthening WASH systems in Malawi.

Setting the stage for a water investment plan in Nalolo district, Zambia

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Laura Burns, Water For People’s Senior Manager of WASH Financing and Sustainability. Water For People is assisting Village Water Zambia to introduce a water investment planning process in Nalolo district.

Keep Calm and EF On

By Mark Duey
Deadly global pandemic. Worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Over 25 million jobs lost in the US in five weeks! All thanks to a highly contagious, smaller-than-bacteria, nucleic acid wrapped in a coat of proteins whose bubble gets burst with soap. Seriously, people? Not even in Hollywood.

Journey to System Strengthening

An interview with Kim Lemme, Water For People’s Director of Learning & Influence, on the organization’s journey to systems strengthening. Original interview available through the Agenda for Change blog.