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Explore these WASH Room blog posts written by Water For People team members and partners.

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Strengthening WASH systems in Malawi

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Kate Harawa, Water For People Malawi’s Director of Influence and Scale about strengthening WASH systems in Malawi.

Setting the stage for a water investment plan in Nalolo district, Zambia

A blog post from Agenda for Change. An interview with Laura Burns, Water For People’s Senior Manager of WASH Financing and Sustainability. Water For People is assisting Village Water Zambia to introduce a water investment planning process in Nalolo district.

Keep Calm and EF On

By Mark Duey
Deadly global pandemic. Worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Over 25 million jobs lost in the US in five weeks! All thanks to a highly contagious, smaller-than-bacteria, nucleic acid wrapped in a coat of proteins whose bubble gets burst with soap. Seriously, people? Not even in Hollywood.

Journey to System Strengthening

An interview with Kim Lemme, Water For People’s Director of Learning & Influence, on the organization’s journey to systems strengthening. Original interview available through the Agenda for Change blog.

Saneamiento del Pueblo Pequeño en San Bartolomé, Guatemala

By Steven Sugden
San Bartolomé es un municipio pequeño y aislado, situado en lo profundo del departamento de Quiché, en la zona rural de Guatemala. En él se destacan algunos de los problemas reales a los que se enfrentan muchos pueblos pequeños en relación con la gestión de los servicios de agua y saneamiento en Guatemala, América Latina y otros lugares.

Small Town Sanitation in San Bartolomé, Guatemala

By Steven Sugden
San Bartolomé is an isolated, small town municipality deep in the Quiché department in rural Guatemala. It highlights some of the real issues many small towns are facing over the management of water and sanitation services in Guatemala, Latin America, and beyond.

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The COVID-19 Six Silver Linings

By Eleanor Allen
Our world as we know it has turned upside-down over the past two weeks due to COVID-19. If I am not obsessively reading the news, I am worrying about the potential impacts of the pandemic on my family, employees, and the people we serve at Water For People.

¡Hey Evo! ¿Quieres acabar con la crisis de saneamiento en Bolivia?… Así es como!

By Mark Duey
En Bolivia, donde el presidente Evo Morales se postulará para un cuarto mandato sin precedentes en octubre, hay aproximadamente 400,000 familias sin baño.

Hey Evo! Want to End Bolivia’s Sanitation Crisis? Here’s How!

By Mark Duey
In Bolivia, where President Evo Morales will run for an unprecedented fourth term in October, there are roughly 400,000 families without a toilet.