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Explore these WASH Room blog posts written by Water For People team members and partners.

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Reflecting on Forever: Water For People Forever Workshops

By Ellen Witt
As a learning organization, ongoing reflection is a cornerstone of Water For People’s approach. Following our annual monitoring process, Water For People hosts separate Water Reflection Sessions and Sanitation Reflection sessions in each of our nine Country Programs.

The blue piece of plastic that’s changing lives

Think about your bathroom.
Now think about it with flies and odors that never go away.
This is the reality for millions of people around the world who use open pit latrines.

Water For People’s Work Supports National Recognition of West Bengal Community

One of the communities where Water For People works in West Bengal, India, has been recognized for its achievements to significantly enhance the quality of life for its residents.

SDG 6 changed the game: Now let us agree how we should measure it

The recently released SDG 6 baseline from the WHO / UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) provides an opportunity to first take a step back and look at the big picture of water and sanitation services, then to lean in closer to understand the intricacies behind that picture.

ODS 6 cambió el juego: ahora acuerde cómo debemos medirlo

La línea base del ODS 6 recién publicado por el Programa Conjunto de Monitoreo OMS / UNICEF (JMP) brinda la oportunidad de dar un paso atrás y observar el panorama general de los servicios de agua y saneamiento, luego acercarse para comprender las complejidades detrás de esa imagen.

Innovation Fueling Sustainable Sanitation

So many of us take for granted that we can flush the toilet and not have to think about where it goes. But in many countries where we work, sewer systems do not exist.