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Professionalizing the Management of Malawi’s Rural Water Supply Services – Situation Analysis and Proposed Management Models

This situation analysis for rural and market centres water supply systems proposes the professionalised management models for improving functionality, operation and maintenance of rural and market centres water facilities, which for a long time have been hindering the achievement of the WASH Sector goals in Malawi. This document provides an understanding of the current situation and proposes two management models for rural and market centres water supply systems that are based on existing arrangements and initiatives in Malawi and can improve the sustainability of the water infrastructure. This was developed through a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process led by the Ministry of Water and Sanitation’s water supply services and policy and planning departments. It was done by employing technical assessment of the current community-based management model and other hybrid models being implemented in the country as well as learning from similar notable arrangements from other countries.

Professionalizing Rural Water Supply Services_Malawi_October 2023

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