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Deep Row Entrenchment of Faecal Sludge in Small Towns in Uganda

Deep row entrenchment (DRE) was piloted as an innovative solution for faecal sludge disposal and reuse in small towns lacking formal treatment plants and where pit emptiers had to haul emptied sludge over long distances. The project involved collaboration with town and district officials to identify suitable pilot locations. In addition, pit emptiers were trained on safe discharge and SOPs at these sites. The stabilization of faecal sludge in the trenches was monitored, and its impact on nearby ground and surface water sources was assessed. Trees were also planted on the DRE trenches as a reuse option. Key challenges included limitations in the sampling of the entrenched samples, solid waste in the FS which is non-biodegradable, and a section of pit emptiers that did not have adequate FS transport mechanisms, even when they were encouraged to dump. From the results, DRE is a potentially safe disposal option under prescribed guidelines. Colleagues can use this resource as a reference for implementing innovative faecal sludge management strategies in areas lacking formal treatment infrastructure.

DeepRowEntrenchmentinKoleandKamwenge-Factsheet-September2023 DeepRowEntrenchmentinKoleandKamwenge-Report-October2023

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