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AtWhatCost Tool: Uganda Samples

Two samples from Uganda of Water For People’s AtWhatCost tool (for water points and piped schemes). AtWhatCost allows service providers to evaluate their income and expenses, including the required operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and eventual replacement costs based on useful life and considering inflation and growth rates. This tool helps service providers set an adequate tariff for reaching a financial breakeven point and building up reserve funds.

The primary data source for this tool is a participatory meeting or interview with the water committee and/or a review of their accounting books.

This Excel template contains an "Instructions" tab explaining the structure, steps, preparation of various scenarios, and analysis of the point of equilibrium. There are tabs for data input, cost projections, summary income and expenditures, and graphs for annual income and expenditures, annual balance and cash accumulation, breakdown of income sources, and breakdown of costs. The data has been stripped from these samples from Uganda, but the formulas are built in and ready for partners to customize and use.

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