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The Rulindo Challenge Program: Lessons Learnt

In 2010, Water For People embarked on a new, unique, and ambitious Program to bring reliable water and sanitation services to the entire population of Rulindo District in Rwanda. The Rulindo Challenge Program marked the beginning of a new approach to WASH services: the Everyone Forever Model. The implementation of Rulindo Challenge Program has been a long, enriching journey both for Water For People in Rwanda, partners in the Program, other Country Programs, and other WASH actors. All along the journey, we have learnt many things, together. This document captures key lessons learnt from the Rulindo Challenge Program and how the Program has shaped (and continues to shape) our work in bringing sustainable water and sanitation solutions to communities and is influencing the WASH sector in Rwanda and elsewhere.
Lessons Learnt_ The Rulindo Challenge Programrogram_June 2020

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