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Strategic advisory services Carlos Batarda


key skills:

  • WASH Financing
  • Business Modeling
  • Tariff Analysis
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Statistical Analysis


  • Portuguese
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Swahili

Carlos Batarda Africa Regional Water and Sanitation Business Coordinator

Carlos is an experienced water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) professional, specializing in finance and business modeling for a variety of social issues globally. For over five years, Carlos has conducted in-depth analyses to understand the business viability for private operators throughout Africa. He has worked for multiple years on innovative financing solutions and service-provider based approaches to ensure sustainable water and sanitation services. Prior to joining Water For People, Carlos worked with the World Bank in Tanzania, where he built detailed, sophisticated models to quantify the economic and financial benefits of a large-scale solar pumping project. He also conducted various quantitative analyses for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Water & Irrigation to better understand access to water and sanitation, including an in-depth analysis of the results of a nationwide survey. In addition, Carlos led a public-private partnership pilot project to introduce private sector small and medium enterprise (SME) operators to rural water supply schemes.

Since 2019, Carlos has applied his knowledge and expertise with SMEs, private service providers, and financial business models to Water For People’s programs in Africa as Regional Water and Sanitation Business Coordinator. He supports the Uganda, Rwanda, and Malawi country teams, providing technical leadership on water and sanitation business strategies, modeling, and operational planning. Carlos enters complex business environments and determines, through a series of analyses, if certain services will result in a viable business opportunity. He analyzes multiple variables that may affect a business, including the entire value chain for water supply and sanitation services and products, to recommend actions that will address identified bottlenecks. Carlos also supervises colleagues conducting market assessments and promotes entrepreneurial development by providing targeted SMEs with business mentoring. His emphasis on supporting entrepreneurs and promoting profitable business models has been essential to the sustainability of Water For People’s programs and ensuring access to WASH services will be maintained by the community long after Water For People exits.

He has a Master of Science degree in Project Analysis, Finance and Investment from the University of York in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Lisbon Technical University.     

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